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Angela was determined to win First Place, thus her singing career was born. At age 13, she locked herself in her room, not appearing for days until she announced to her parents she would be singing Patsy Cline’s “Walking After Midnight” in the upcoming pageant, and that she planned to win. And win she did! Her pageant success led to modeling in New York and Dallas, until she was discovered by a manager who advised her parents to take her to Los Angeles and give her a shot at television and film work. Her first national commercial was for McDonald’s, followed by Doritos, IBM and GE. Within her first year in California, Angela was cast in a recurring role on ABC’s “Davis Rules” with Jonathan Winters and Randy Quaid. The following year, Angela was handpicked to costar in the 90’s TGIF sitcom “Step by Step” playing Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy’s very vain and seemingly shallow, though with a good heart, teenage daughter “Karen Foster” for 7 seasons. The show has over 150 episodes currently streaming on Hulu.

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